Singularity (In Four Movements)

Released in the ‘alphabet series’ on Bluesanct’s Orphanology Series.


from the press release:
“A finite infinity, a long form cosmic passion play juxtaposed against drug addled urban gamelan… think those kids with the plastic buckets let loose in gramma’s kitchen while Harry Partch and My Cat Is An Alien watches Blade Runner in the next room. The rulers of the cosmos suspend the listener throughout, ending in a beautiful slow resolve.”

This music is the manifold of my beginnings and endings, a point of singularity within myself, a finite infinity, wherein a momentary eternity exists between the collapse of one universe and the birth of another.

‘Singularity’ was written and recorded from November 2007 to February 2010.

Cover art: “Circa Three Thousand” by Christian Fillippo

Full color artwork in slimline jewelcase with orange CDr handstamped with “F” on disc.

release date: February 01, 2010
format: 5″ CDr
label: Bluesanct Orphanalogy Series ORPHAN00F

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