Live 2014

Having recently returned from Texas just before these two sets were recorded, the tone of this release is split between the urgency of making a first impression on a new city, and the quiet joy of rekindling old relationships. Live at the Switchyard takes the second of these two feelings and runs with it. It was recorded in a living room in Bloomington, IN among new and familiar faces alike. Live at Westgate, however is from that urgent place where artists seem to be fighting themselves as much as anyone else. This set is full of skittish rhythms, uneasy quiet, and just enough melody to push the music forward.

Live at the Switchyard features music from a modified propane tank and electric kalimba. Live at Westgate features music played on an array of home made percussion instruments including a rack of metal mixing bowls and cast aluminum pot lids.

release date: October 28, 2014
format: CD-R
label: Self Released

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