Digital Opus : Volumes 1-4

release date: June 01, 2014
format: 4xCDr Boxset
label: Auris Apothecary AAX-093

A massive compendium of admittedly daunting size, Digital Opus : Volumes 1-4 represents some of ROB FUNKHOUSER’s most accomplished work to date, trading in his acoustic percussion and electronic circuitry for a digital tracker-based system of writing/performance. Created entirely with the insanely cross-platform audio program SunVox, Digital Opus shows the continually-maturing compositional skills of ROB FUNKHOUSER at their present precipice, with complex time signatures, layer upon layer of harmonizing leads, and an acute sense of dynamics merged together in perfect fluidity. Taking cues from glitch, IDM, classic electronic, 8-bit, videogame soundtracks, and more over the course of 50 tracks, what results is an archive of stunning clarity and musical theory being pushed to its logical extremes, all reproduced with the perfect fidelity and consistency of pure digital signal paths.

In our opinion, Digital Opus represents the idea of “future” music – utter precision, total control of timbre and tone, machine-gun rhythm structures, atypical note scales, scathing dissonance and soothing sine waves… Adding to the concept of digitalization, each volume’s artwork is also its tracklisting, displaying a visual graph of each track’s midi patterns and layered density for complete continuity and comprehension.

– Auris Apothecary

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