Study in Place

In May of 2020, I moved into a house on a small dead end block of what is forever to be spoken on the phone as “C-R-U-F-as-in-Frank-T Street”. In the two years that have followed, I have found myself wondering about what it means to commit to a place, and to find one’s own place […]

Conditioning, or Taking a Vacation from Identity

The last month or so has been weird for just about everyone, and I find that I’ve been reacting to the new pace of things in my own idiosyncratic way that has involved, up until tonight, a certain denial of parts of my identity for reasons relating to points of stress and false circumspection that […]

Reflecting on Reflect and Release Pt. 2

In part 1 of this couplet of posts, I explored the very immediate emotional reality of the space of time in which I composed the piece. In this second part, I am going to talk about Indianapolis, why this all feels worth it, and how this effort was an outpouring of love and faith in […]

Rituals Pt. 2

Tappers So the ritual is this: It is evening. I walk to Tappers. I order one beer that I will sip on for as long as the session lasts. Or, more accurately, I do not sip more than once or twice until the session ends. I make my way to the Asteroids machine. It is […]

Rituals Pt. 1

(So for this post, I’m going to begin talking about some routines I’ve picked up and how I experience daily life and how it folds into my mindset and artistic output.) Morning So the ritual is this: I wake up, am usually in one of a few mental states: 1) Well slept and continuing thoughts […]